While Meeting Schedule Assistant supports a fairly comprehensive Announcements section, it is appreciated that the function of the Announcements portion of the Service Meeting is now limited in duration and reasonably mundane things are no longer required to be communicated from the platform. Nevertheless this portion of Meeting Schedule Assistant can assist to acting as a periodic reminder concerning items that could be mentioned from time to time and to expedite communication between the various brothers caring for the many duties and assignments within the congregation.

Meeting Schedule Assistant

Announcements Preview

File menu Announce Info menu Help menu Field Ministry Public Talk Other Items Font Size Cancel OK Image
(Names have been removed for privacy reasons)

This dialogue is displayed by clicking Announcements,found on File menu in the Service Meeting Editordialogue.

Image File

Use this menu to save the Announcements sheet as a HTML file which you can then open to edit in your word processor software.  After editing, save the sheet as native HTML, or, if your computer allows, convert into some other file format of your choice.

Note: On some computers, you can by-pass the 'Save HTML' method by right-clicking on the preview of the sheet, choosing "Select All" followed by "Copy" from the pop-up context menu and then "pasting" the contents directly into an already opened MS Word (or similar word processor) document.  Please note that the 'screen look' of the document will differ from that of a HTML document, but it should print with similar results.

Click on 'Print Preview' to see how the sheet will print out using the Internet Explorer print preview.

Image Announce Info

Use these menu options to select what information is automatically compiled onto the announcements sheet.  The default settings are maintained on the Service Meeting Options dialogue.

Service Meeting will show the current weeks information as contained within the Service Meeting dialogue.  If you have a brother assigned, Closing song and prayer will display the relevant service meeting information and the name of the brother concluding the meeting.

Public Talk will provide a grid with associated relevant information populated (see below for details).

Field Ministry will provide a grid with associated relevant information to be populated (see below for details). 

ImageIt has an associated popup menu that determines how the ministry information is presented.  The data can be presented with Sunday as the first day or with the day following the Service Meeting as the first day.

Note:  Selecting the Public Talk and Field Ministry options will make the associated buttons on the dialogue become active.

Image Help

Displays this help topic.

Image Displays the Regular Field Service Arrangements dialogue.  Use this dialogue to customize the content of the Field Ministry section of the announcement sheet.

Note: As noted above, the Field Ministry menu option must be set for this button to be active. 

Image Displays the Public Talk dialogue.  Use this dialogue to customize the content of the Public Talk section of the announcement sheet.

Note: As noted above, the Public Talk menu option must be set for this button to be active.

Image Displays the Other Announcements dialogue.  Use this dialogue to select and customize the additional items that you would like to be included on the announcement sheet.
Image Not happy with the font size?  Then use this dropdown list to select from one of three sizes.
Image Closes the dialogue with no change to the announcement sheet.
Image Closes the dialogue and saves your changes.

Note: If you don't save the SMR file in the service meeting editor you will loose all changes you have made to the announcement sheet(s).


A helpful Extras section is automatically generated and included on the sheet so that you have some space to write down any last minute announcements at the Kingdom Hall.