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This dialogue is displayed by pressing the Brother Data button on the main dialogue.  You use this dialogue to manage which brothers you have available for each assignment, and for what meetings they are available.

Full help follows, or you can click on the relevant control on the screenshot above to jump down to the right place.

Use the dropdown list to select which assignment you want to add or delete brothers from.  There are seven assignments to choose from: Sound / Platform / Microphone / Attendants / Service Meeting / CBS Conductor / CBS Reader.  The list will also include the custom assignments that you have added into the program.  As you select an assignment, the list of assigned brothers changes accordingly.

Note that the Platform Mike assignment will use the brothers from the Microphone assignment list and not from the Platform assignment list.

This is the list of brothers that you have available for the currently selected assignment.
This is an area for you to hold notes concerning the selected brother.  These notes will be included in the Brothers Report.
Press this button to the display the Add Brothers dialogue.  It allows you to add one or more brothers to the list for the currently selected assignment.
Press this button to delete the selected brother.  A popup message box asks you to confirm his deletion and whether you want to delete him from all assignments or from just the currently selected one.
Press this button to change the name of the selected brother in the list.  This change will be applied to all the assignment lists automatically.
These options determine which meetings that the selected brother will be available for.  This will be applied across all assignments.  These settings determine if his name will be available for a given meeting when creating a schedule.  Note that these options are disabled when you are using the Weekly report mode.
Just underneath the availability check boxes is this dates list.  It displays the next twelve months worth of dates.   Using this list, you can uncheck any additional dates when the currently selected brother might not be available.  Doing this will remove him from all assignments on the schedules you create for the relevant dates.  If appropriate he will also be excluded from automatic assignments.

As with the availability check options described above, each brothers exclusion dates are applied across all assignments.  Also, as with all other settings, you must close the brothers dialogue with the OK button, otherwise all changes will be lost.

Date Range: There are times where you might want to adjust dates over several weeks at a time.  To assist in this there is the �Date Range� button.  This opens a dialogue which displays a calendar where you can select a range of dates �from > to� detailing when the volunteer is (or is not) unavailable.

Lastly, the dates displayed in the list will use the custom date format that is specified in the options dialogue (if set of course) .

Press this button to display this help topic.
Press this button to display a report detailing each brother and the assignments they are currently allocated. Any notes associated with each brother are also included.

This feature is excellent should personnel be absent from duty. Instead of either trying to remember which brothers are trained and available for what tasks, or calling on the overseer to assist, any qualified brother can review this list and select a suitable replacement volunteer.

How to Print: There are two methods, either Print direct or Export:
Print direct method: Click on the Print button and choose a paper size (under �Properties�). If the report grid is larger than the paper size it will print in a �Poster� fashion. To reduce the physical size of the displayed report, adjust the column widths and font size as required prior to print.

Export method: Click on the Export button to save the details to a .CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. This file can then be opened by any spreadsheet program (MS Works, MS Excel, Open Office etc) and modified to suit your printing requirements.

Press this button to save all of your changes.  You won't need to use this dialogue again until you need to make further adjustments.  These settings also get saved with the schedule (if you choose to save it).

This means that if you make changes to the brothers AFTER you have saved a report, then when you OPEN the saved report it will not show the new changes since it will use the ones as saved with the schedule.  This should not be a problem.

Press this button to abort all the changes you have made.