Meeting Schedule Assistant

Export Settings

Column Order

The order or sequence that the columns appear on a printed report can be changed. Perhaps, for example, in your congregation the brothers are accustomed to viewing the Attendant details on the schedule in the first column instead of the Sound column as is currently set as default by Meeting Schedule Assistant. Using this feature you can have the Attendant column appear first (after the Date column) and the Sound column show next if that is your preference.

To use this feature click on the Columns button (found on the Export Settings dialogue) and you will see a popup window similar to this:


(The list of columns shown in the window will depend on the columns requested
in the Options section for the particular schedule type loaded.)

Select the column title you would like to shift (mouse click or use your keyboard up/down arrows), and then click on the Adjust column order spin arrows to alter the order in which the column appears, relative to the others. The position of the Date column cannot be changed.

You can also use this window to tell Meeting Schedule Assistant if there are any columns that you don't want printed or exported. A scenario where this feature might be useful is when you allocate extra assignments (for example Congregation Bible Study) so that you can avoid conflicts of assignment. But on the final schedule you don't want those assignments printed because they are going to be presented on a Our Christian Life and Ministry meeting schedule.

After you have set the correct order and visibility click on the OK button. Your preferences will be immediately shown in the Print Preview box area. You must click OK on the Export Settings window for your adjustments to be remembered!

Note: Only the Print Preview , not the Report dialogue box, will display the adjusted order of columns. Any saved reports (SRR's) when re-opened will show the column order preference made when the report was created. Each Schedule Type (see Options ) will also store the sequence of columns as set by the user.