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Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Editor

Adding or Editing Demonstration Information

Edit Demonstration Click on the small symbol on the Christian Life and Ministry Editor to view Demonstration Editor.

Note: The Demonstrations Editor was developed prior to the implementation of the new midweek meeting format. At that time we used to have a lot more demonstrations. These days we tend to watch videos instead. That said, sometimes there are interviews so it was felt that the editor should remain.

Set the number of required assignments for the current meeting item.
Set demonstration type
Then select from the drop-down list the type of assignment you wish to populate with publisher names.
Use prefix
Set the prefix text (if required). This is particularly useful to specify what is being demonstrated (eg: (w) or (g)).
Number participants

Finally, set the number of participants for the assignment. Then, for each participant you need to specify the following:
Participant Task 1. Select their task.

The program comes with 5 predefined tasks:

- Publisher
- Householder
- Soliloquy
- Assistant (like a helper to the publisher or householder)
- Interviewee

You will notice though that this screen shot includes Digital Assistant. This is to show you that the list of tasks can be customized (click the link for details).
Select publisher 2. Select the publisher

Clicking on the Select button brings up another dialogue with personnel details; these include quick review of history of their assignments, number of times used, when last used and a more detailed view of publisher demonstration history, as well as sort, filter and add/edit or delete publisher details.
Publisher selector
Click on a name and click Select for the demonstration grid to be populated and displayed in the service meeting print preview dialogue box.


Use the filtering options provided to restrict the list of publishers displayed in the list.

The filters are applied in order (from left to right). Here is more details:

Main Filter The main filter is the gender. At least one of them must be ticked.

Note: Sister is disabled when you are in the context of selecting a bible reader.
Appointed Sub filter 1 is the appointment status. The brothers filter must be ticked for these to be enabled. They do not apply to sisters.
Assignment Sub filter 2 is the last assignment status. So you can easily identify which publishers were last used as an assistant (for example).
Privilege Sub filter 3 is the privelege status. So you can limit the list to just the regular pioneers (for example).

Note: Demonstration is disabled when you are in the context of selecting a student.
Name Sub filter 4 is the publishers name. The wording entered can be found anywhere in their name.
Schedule preview

Additional notes: