Meeting Schedule Assistant


Regular Field Service Arrangements


This dialogue is displayed by clicking the Field Ministry button on the Announcements Preview dialogue.

If you choose to, you can have a grid printed on the announcements sheet of the regular weekly field service arrangements:


Use the Regular Field Service Arrangements dialogue to detail the information you would like to display on the sheet.  The type of information to be supplied is self-explanatory, just populate the various boxes.

Note: You don't have to enter text into all of the edit boxes. Since the new Service Meeting format change in 2009, it is now rare that the Regular Field Service Arrangements would be announced very often, if at all. However since it was programmed into Meeting Schedule Assistant we see no harm in including it with the software as an option anyway. There may still be occasions where the congregation could be informed of the arrangements, especially when there are changes, and the grid generated by Meeting Schedule Assistant could easily be printed for the Information Board at the Kingdom Hall. If you do not want to have this feature on the Announcements sheet, uncheck the box (see Announcement Preview topic), and it will be excluded.


Use this list to select the day of the week to be modified, then make the changes as required.  Usually, regular field service arrangements don't change that often, so once you have populated the details for the very first time you should make sure this option is set:


This will save the details so that they are used automatically next time you make a new SMR schedule.

There are times when you might want to make a temporary change to the schedule (for example, a location is not available because the brother and sister are away on holiday).  In this situation, change the text as required, but leave the above setting unchecked.  This will result in the sheet showing only the temporary change and not saving the detail as regular default text.

Image Displays this help topic.
Image Closes the dialogue with no change to the announcement sheet.
Image Closes the dialogue and the announcements preview is automatically updated to reflect your changes.