Meeting Schedule Assistant


More Settings - Monthly Workbook Data

More Settings button

The Monthly Workbook Data window is available by clicking
the More Settings button and then
selecting Monthly Workbook Data in the panel on the left.
Monthly Workbook Data 

These settings are only useful to our monthly volunteers.

User Information  Automatically send monthly workbook data by email
Set this option if you would like the application to automatically send an email with your updated data to me (you can still do it manually if you prefer). But there are benefits to using this automated approach.

It is assumed that you have already had a look at the Email Settings window and set it up correctly. The final step is to set these options up correctly.

Location for created ZIP files
Use the browse button to specify the folder where to keep a copy of all the ZIP files that are automatically sent my email. This can act as a backup. I suggest you use a cloud drive like OneDrive or DropBox. This way you also have a copy of your files remotely.

The ZIP files have a specific file name to assist you with archiving:

XXX: Language Code
First Monday on the schedule
Last Monday on the schedule