Meeting Schedule Assistant

Public Talk and Watchtower Study


Use the Public Talks dialogue to detail the information you would like to display on the schedule. The type of information to be supplied is self-explanatory, just populate the various boxes by selecting from the dropdown lists or manually type in the details.

ImageNote: These are dynamic drop-lists. Typing in a new name and closing the dialogue with OK will cause that name to become available in the drop-list next time. Likewise, hovering the mouse over a name in the drop-list and pressing DEL will cause it to be permanently removed (as long as you subsequently close the dialogue with OK!).

Also, you don't have to enter text into all of the edit boxes. For example, if you don't have a schedule for 'Hospitality' (for the public speaker), perhaps leave the box blank and fill it in when you get to the Kingdom Hall.


This dialogue contains a special and unique feature. If you handle public talk coordination and you have the Public Talks program installed (see you can populate the grid directly with data from that software using the Import button. These two programs are designed to work together. Using the database is a time saver because you don't have to manually type in the information and you are less likely to make errors (unless they were already wrong in the database!). Once the button is clicked, you will see this dialogue:

ImageUse the dropdown lists to select the correct home and away talk details. The lists present the database information in the following format:

Date - Brother (Congregation)

Should there be no 'away talks' assigned, simply leave the dropdown list(s) empty.

Image Displays this help topic.
Image Closes the dialogue with no change to the schedule.
Image Closes the dialogue and the schedule preview is automatically updated to reflect your changes.