Meeting Schedule Assistant


Quick Start - Getting Started

Welcome to Meeting Schedule Assistant!

So you don’t want to read the Help File contents, you just want to get started! Ok, follow these vital steps, and you are on your way!

Step One:
Work through the Options menu list and fill in the relevant details of each section.

Options Menu

The vital sections are:

  1. Using the Custom Assignments Manager to add in any additional assignments.
  2. Using the Publishers Database to add your brothers and sisters into the application.
  3. Update how you want the headings to appear on your schedules.
  4. Specify any upcoming dates for Special Events (Theocratic).

Step Two:
Save the data that you just entered (just in case you accidentally delete all your data entry hard work while you are playing around and getting familiar with Meeting Schedule Assistant!)

Backup Settings
Step Three:
Exit back to the home screen and select a date range:
Select Date Range

Step Four:
Click on the schedule type you want to create and work through the editor displayed from there!

Create Christian Life and Ministry Report Create Report File Menu

... and that is basically it! If you want to know more, make a cup of tea, sit back and check out the remainder of this help file.