Meeting Schedule Assistant

Downloading Service Meeting Schedule Details

Entering the basic Service Meeting schedule content can be a time consuming process.  In an effort to assist in this regard a download feature has been implemented.  If you would like to make use of this feature it will be necessary to tell Meeting Schedule Assistant which schedule data file you would like to use.  This is done on the Service Meeting Options dialogue. 

SMDownload The Kingdom Ministry is usually printed locally in each country.  This means that there are times when the schedule details may be slightly different.  This is why you can select the country in addition to the language.

Don't see your language and / or country listed?  This will be because no volunteer has come forward to provide the monthly schedule details.  If you feel that you are in a position to commit to being a volunteer for your country / language each month, then please read below about what is involved in becoming a volunteer.

Even if your language is not listed all is not lost!  Since the song numbers are the same worldwide these will be download for you.

Once you have told Meeting Schedule Assistant which schedule details file you want to use you can begin using the download feature within the editor.  Begin in the usual way by specifying the correct date range and creating the empty schedule.

SMDownload You have two ways of downloading the schedule details once you are inside the editor.
  • Select Download Schedule Information from the File menu.
  • Alternatively,  press 'F6' on your keyboard.

Simply repeat this process for each week of the schedule for the information to be gathered from the server and filled in on your editor!

Download feature not working?  If you have a firewall installed then you must make sure it has given Meeting Schedule Assistant access to the internet.

There are some things you should keep in mind about using downloaded schedule details:


Volunteers need to be in a position to allocate the time to provide the needed details on a monthly basis without impacting on other secular and theocratic commitments.  If you have the responsibility of preparing the Service Meeting schedule, and want to be a volunteer for one of the other languages, then you may find that you won't need to take any more time than usual.  After all, you had to type the details in anyway!  As a volunteer, what kind of things are you required to do?

Note: Only volunteers should use the F7 function.  Anyone else doing so is likely to cause loss of data to the application data files!