Meeting Schedule Assistant

Service Meeting Options


Select Service Meeting on the Options menu to display the Service Meeting Options dialogue.

You only need to set these settings up once.


Image Meeting Day:
Use the dropdown list to select the day of the week that your Service Meeting is held on.  This setting affects which dates get displayed in the Service Meeting editor.  It also determines which day is examined by the software for the Brother Availability feature.

Display time in 24 hour format
Use this check option to turn on the 24 hour time format.  All schedules will be generated using the requested format.

Include Congregation Bible Study details
Do you want to cater for the Congregation Bible Study assignments?  Then use this check option to enable this functionality within the Service Meeting editor.

Include Congregation Bible Study source material
Would you like to display the source material for the bible study? Then set this option.

Include Theocratic Ministry School details
Check this option to include the wording "Theocratic Ministry School" on the service meeting schedules.  This item is automatically allocated 30 minutes duration.  This becomes the default setting for all new schedules but can be overridden within the Service Meeting editor on a meeting by meeting basis. Example:


Extract details from "TMS Explorer"
Include Theocratic Ministry School details needs to be checked and TMS Explorer (version or higher) needs to be installed for this option to be available.

Theocratic ministry school information is extracted from TMS Explorer and included in the service meeting schedule. For example:


Data is only included when the given week's assignments have been allocated in TMS Explorer. Information is presented using cascade style sheets. Click here for customization details: TMS Explorer CSS settings.

Provide details manually
Include Theocratic Ministry School details needs to be checked for this option to be available. The information is extracted from a special INI file that is kept in the user application data folder. It is your responsibility to populate this file correctly with the right information. Click here for details about the INI file.

Include Public Talk details (from Announcement Sheets)
Set this option if you would like to include the Public Talk assignment details on your Service Meeting schedules. For example:

PT Example

See the public talk help topic for more details. Note: once set, Meeting Schedule Assistant will automatically include the talk details on your new schedules!

Schedule Details
Schedule details can be downloaded from the internet.  This setting determines which schedule data file is used by the editor.  A limited number of languages are supported at this time.  Click here for full details.

Page Breaks
Page break options
Service Meeting schedules can display a varying amount of information in addition to the actual service meeting items (Congregation Bible Study and Theocratic Ministry School). This usually means that your final schedules will use up more than one side of paper. Therefore, you can specify how the editor will split the schedule over these pages. This can also be used in conjunction with the Print Preview scale feature to get the best results.

Image These settings work in the same way as for regular Meeting Schedule Assistant options.  They affect how the dates are listed in the Service Meeting editor.  The default uses your computers "short" date format which is maintained in your computers regional settings.

You may like to customise how the dates are displayed by using one of the predefined formats or customising one.  Click on the hyperlink above to find out about the special syntax used.

ImageFor example, if you set the format string to "%a, %b %d" then you will end up with your dates list looking like this.  Personally I prefer to customise the date format because I like to see the abbreviated day included but it is your choice entirely!

Image The Announcements Sheet for each service meeting can be accessed from within the Service Meeting editor. This sheet or report can contain several sections of default information that is automatically loaded when this dialogue is opened. The information you want to have generated automatically by default can be set using this checkbox section. See the Announcements Preview help topic for more details about these check options.

Note: The default information automatically loaded can be adjusted later on a sheet-by-sheet basis from within the Announcements Preview dialogue.