Meeting Schedule Assistant

Service Meeting Overview

Meeting Schedule Assistant is pleased to support Service Meeting scheduling, the easy way to create fully formatted, detailed, accurate, eye catching reports that can be printed and exported for the Notice Board and servant body of the congregation. You can also manage the Congregation Bible Study assignments using the same editor.

Meeting Schedule Assistant especially is helpful with its variety of pre-loaded schedule styles to choose from and its dropdown lists of commonly used material such as various Themes and Methods used during Service Meeting program parts. The Note section also carries a variety of scenarios common throughout the theocratic calendar. These also act as memory prompts for particular events that need to be included with meeting details. Timing of assignments is calculated automatically, and song titles are generated automatically. The feature Brother Availability list assists with accurately populating each assignment. Extra meetings and special events are easily catered for, such as when various travelling overseers visit the congregation to engage in a special week of activity, and host visits of assemblies.

Unlike the regular feature of reports generated by Meeting Schedule Assistant, appropriately there is no functionality for automatically populating assignments. However it does have an assignment history facility which, if used properly, should assist you in making balanced selections.  If you have suggestions to offer to make Meeting Schedule Assistant Service Meeting Schedules even better, please contact me.

How to use the Service Meeting feature of Meeting Schedule Assistant:

Step 1: Update the various settings related to Service Meeting scheduling from the Options menu.

Step 2: Select the Date Range of the schedule to be created.

Step 3: Under File, select Create a Service Meeting Report or Open (a previously made) Service Meeting Report.

Step 4: Select the Number of items for each weeks program and enter any Note required, as well as Songs, Themes, Brothers, Methods, and Time details. Utilize the dropdown lists and assignment history window to facilitate quick data entry and populating of assignments.

Step 5: Save the SMR (Service Meeting Report) in a folder of your choice, for access later.

Step 6: Click Settings to specify the Title, Type, Style, Font, Date Format and Colours for the schedule.

Step 7: Print directly or Export the file to HTML.

You can also create Announcement Sheets for each date on your schedule and this information is held with the SMR file when it is saved.  Click on the link to learn more about these.