Meeting Schedule Assistant

Cascade Style Sheets

The Service Meeting schedule can be customized by using the available options on the HTML Settings dialogue. However, there is much more customization at your disposal if you are brave enough to experiment.

The actual report is structured about a Cascade Style Sheet (referred to as CSS from now on). This information determines how the reports will look in the editor and Print Preview. They also govern, to some extent, what details are included.

The majority of users will most likely not need to worry about the contents of these CSS files or have need to alter them. If you do have a CSS editor, and understand how these files are used in the report, you will be in a position to greatly enhance the look and feel of your schedules.

Each CSS files a series of classes. I have tried to name these classes logically so that you can understand where they are used in the report. You will also find a small comment associated with each class to assist you. It is up to you as to what details go within these classes. Some are provided without any formatting content whereas others do. You can set things like font details and colours etc. It might even be possible to include images.

These files are held in the Meeting Schedule Assistant application data folder and the default files are all set as read-only. So you are encouraged to make a copy of any file, remove the read-only attribute (right-click file and select Properties). Then make your changes in any suitable editor.

There are a few important factors that you should keep in mind about editing these CSS files:

Don't have a CSS editor? Then don't panic! There is a really good one which is free at this website:

Have you produced a customization that you really like and want to share with us? Then please consider making it available in this special area of the support forum:

As you become familiar with the content of the CSS files and how the classes are used you will see that this new program functionality will make your report customization endless and could potentially avoid any requirement for exporting to Microsoft Word for customization.