Midweek Editor and Hot Keys

The Midweek Editor supports several hotkeys. I have now changed how the hotkeys are implemented.

F5Refresh the view.
F6Download schedule information.
Used by monthly volunteers.
CONTROL + F7Used by monthly volunteers.
CONTROL + GUpdate Google Calendar.
CONTROL + SSave schedule.
CONTROL + SHIFT + IImport student information from Life and Ministry Meeting Overseer.
CONTROL + SHIFT + TEdit the meeting times.
CONTROL + SHIFT + UUpdate Weekend Meeting time.
CONTROL + SHIFT + WEdit Weekend Meeting information.
CONTROL + SHIFT + XExport student information to Coordinator of the Body of Elders.
CONTROL + 0Zoom the view to 100%.
CONTROL + +Zoom in the view.
CONTROL + -Zoom out the view.

You might see a popup message like this when you start the editor:

Hotkey warning

In my personal experience I only encounter this problem when I have Hypersnap running (a screen capture program). With respects to Hypersnap, you can re-configure the conflicting hotkeys.

There are two more special key presses:

  • CONTROL + I will wrap any highlighted text with Italic HTML tags.
  • CONTROL + B will wrap any highlighted text with Bold HTML tags.

But, the above two are registered differently.

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  1. Just to let you know that since version 18.0.9 the hotkeys no longer cause conflicts with other applications. 🙂

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