Workbook Schedule – Compact Style

A brother showed me a schedule that they were using in his congregation. It was a compact schedule that fitted everything on one piece of paper.

This schedule does not include the following:

  • None of the themes
  • None the song details
  • None of the prayer assignments (see version 2 or 3)
  • None of the student assistants

In addition, this schedule is designed for congregations who do not have a second class.

Compact Style Sheet Example

It should be noted that a few of the headings used on the schedule are in English and if you want to use the schedule in another language you will have to edit a copy of the script and adjust the text as needed. For example:


&gt; Treasures From God's Word

How To Install

Step 1:

Click the Import button

Step 2:

Select the CSS/XSL files and click Open.

The new schedule will now show in the droplist.

Size: 6kb
Version: v1
Published: 06/11/2017


There is now a second version of the script available which also includes opening / closing prayer assignments.

Size: 6kb
Version: v2
Published: 24/12/2017


There is now a third version of the script available which includes improvements for when you have more than one school. It still shows only the students from the main hall but there were some issues with the display. This is resolved in version 3. Please be aware you need to install Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.0.8 or higher to use this script.

Size: 6kb
Version: v3
Published: 30/12/2017

Please leave a comment if you have decided to use either of these schedules and would like support with any issues.

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27 thoughts on “Workbook Schedule – Compact Style

  1. Please note that as of 20-12-2017 the ZIP file has been updated. The CSS style sheet has been revised to fix a problem with the small row gap classes.

  2. Andrew,
    I downloaded the Workbook-S-140-Compact and I would like to use it. However I do not use the public talk or watchtower part of the program. What part of the XML code do I need to delete of the public talk and WT in order to display just the compact CLM schedule?

    1. Make a copy of the XSL document and add a suffix to the name part. Eg “Compact-v2” and edit the file. Delete lines 656 to 937. 656 is a horizontal line and 657 to 937 is a table that includes all of the weekend material.

  3. Hello bro. Just wanted to mention that prayer assignments would be natural for the workbook style. I don’t know how to contact the designer to see if a variation could be made.

    1. I designed the script for our brother. I based it on his requirements. The prayer information can be displayed on a row if you like. This assumes though that you have enough room to fit more rows of information the schedule. Either I or Peter will have a look at this for you.

    2. Hi Duncan

      Our brother Peter has kindly spent some of his time in making version 2 of the script which includes this additional assignment information. If you look at the blog post you will see a second download link.

          1. Sorry to keep bothering. but I would like to take out the lines for the WT conductor and theme, but keep the reader, and add a line for hospitality. I know I’m a pain, but this would be perfect for our circumstances.

          2. Hi Duncan

            Go to the %appdata%\Meeting Schedule Assistant folder and make a copy of the the script file Workbook-S-140-Compact_3.xsl and rename it as Workbook-S-140-Compact_4.xsl. Edit this new file with Notepad++. You want to delete lines 868 to 941 and save it. In the editor go to the Worksheet tab and then go back to the Workbook tab. You will see the new script in the list. Choose it. If you did the edits correctly then the Watchower Theme and Conductor should no longer be visible.

            Since Hospitality is associated with the Public Talk you need to confirm where you want it displayed.

          3. Great, your instructions are precise. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

          4. Ok. This is another reason that you need to propose how you want it to look. Where does the extra rows fit in specifically?

          5. Sorry. So, under Public Talk,
            Speaker, Cong
            Outgoing, cong

          6. Wow, I didn’t mean for you to do the whole thing for me. I was going to give it a go. But many thanks. I made a mistake in not including the WT reader. So this is what I should have had:
            Public Talk
            Speaker, Cong
            Outgoing, Cong
            Watchtower Study
            WT Reader
            I hope I’m not too annoying for this. Also, I think I should be able to change labels to Spanish. True?

          7. I made a mistake in not including the WT reader.

            I did not change the Watchtower section. It should still has the reader.

            I think I should be able to change labels to Spanish. True?

            Yes, you can do that quite easily. The main blog post provides some information on that.

            I was going to give it a go.

            Oops! But note I have not handled the outgoing speaker adjustment. You can have a go at that.

          8. Also, when you mentioned “The congregation is added on the row below the speaker (in bold).” That is ok with me.

  4. Andrew, how/where do I find the line numbers? I opened the XSL document in WordPad but it does not show line numbers. Sorry for such a dumb question.

  5. Liked a lot this layout thanks.

    May only be lack of attention from me but how do i add the info in the cleaning?

      1. thanks a lot found the error was just the weekly or meeting one that was wrong. once again thanks for the layout it’s really nice and compact.

      2. one more question please, i took out all i don’t need but was willing to put the assistent to the Apply Yourself To The Field Ministry as a second row to use the space i gained. Can you please give me directions on how to do this?

        1. I am now away for two weeks.

          Please privately email me your current style sheet files and a screen shot of what you want changed / added.

          I will look on my return.

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