Workbook Schedule – Compact Style with Assignments

This article is an enhancement to the post found here. You need to have Meeting Schedule Assistant version 18.0.9 or higher installed.

Compact – Click to Enlarge

What Is Different?

This version of the schedule makes use of the new Duty Assignment History feature in Meeting Schedule Assistant. The link just provided gives you detailed information about how you can use this new information in your Midweek Schedules and thus combine assignments from both editors onto a single schedule.

Including Assignments – Click to Enlarge

In-fact, for those brave enough, there is nothing stopping you from using the Custom tab in the Midweek Editor to show a dedicated assignments schedule (beyond the tabular style imposed by the Sound Rota Editor).

Understandably we can only provide you with an example of what you can display on your schedule. Everyone will have unique situations and the script may well have to be tweaked to suit your scenario.

What You Need To Know

So, Duty Assignment History is a new concept introduced in Meeting Schedule Assistant version 18.0.9. The history is built up over time when you create your Sound Rota (SRR) schedules and save them. Each time you will be shown this prompt:

Update Assignment History Prompt

If you have made all the needed changes to your schedule then click Yes to the prompt. This will update the history file. You can always open your schedule again and make further changes and update the history again as many times as needed.

Note: You might try to open your existing SRR documents (created with version 18.0.8 or earlier) and save them to get your history up to date but this might not produce the desired results. This is because the older SRR documents are lacking some information for us to correctly manage the duty history. You are welcome to try and use this approach but you may well have to edit your history file and make some adjustments to get it correct. It is suggested that you simply re-create any existing SRR file again and save it to get your history up to date.

How Does Duty Assignment History Help Me?

This is a good question! It helps you in three specific ways:

1. Automatic Assigning

Auto Assign Settings – Click to Enlarge

On the Auto Assign Settings window there is an option Select starting names. When this option is on the program will show you a popup window to select starting names during the automatic assigning process:

Select Starting names – Click to Enlarge

This is where the Duty Assignment History is useful! Single click on the drop list for any assignment and you will see a list of history on the right. Use this information to help you decide who you want to select as a starting name from the drop list.

Thus, you should be able to avoid assigning brothers back to back with the end of the last schedule which is always appreciated.

2. Single Column

The Single Column feature is a powerful alternative that can be used instead of, or in conjuction with automatic assigning. The help topic provides full details.

Single Column – Click to Enlarge

As you can see, the Duty Assignment History is now listed here too, on a column by column basis. The list includes the most recent date that each name was used (if at all). Just click on a name to select it as the starting name.

3. Including Assignment Information on Midweek Schedules

It is beyond the scope of this blog post to describe how to include the Duty Assignment History. The link already provided (also included in the Help System with the program) provides all the information you need to understand how the history data file works.

However, we decided to extend the Compact Schedule script that was initially released back in November 2017. This edition includes the following assignments at the bottom of the schedule:

  • Sound
  • Platform
  • Microphone
  • Cleaning (see note)

Note: Cleaning is a custom assignment and as a result the Index used might be different in your configuration. The dedicated help topic provides more information about this.

The samples provided here assume that you are using the default schedule template. I think this most likely applies to most users. It is also provided in two versions (in both English and Hungarian):

  • Midweek
  • Weekly

Choose the schedule that matches the report mode you are using in the program.

English Version

Workbook Compact With Assignments English
Size: 13kb
Version: 5
Published: 16/01/2018

Hungarian Version

Workbook Compact With Assignments Hungarian
Size: 13kb
Version: 5
Published: 16/01/2018

Personal Copies Scripts

In version 18.1.5 we introduced the Personal Copies feature. The Compact style has now been upgraded so that it can be used.

Workbook Compact With Assignments English
Size: 14KB
Version: Personal Copies - 1.0
Published: 03/04/2018
Workbook Compact With Assignments Hungarian
Size: 14KB
Version: Personal Copies - 1.0
Published: 03/04/2018
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