Midweek Editor Schedule – Personal Copies

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Several years ago (literally) a feature request was discussed on Mantis BT. I have at long last spent some time on implementing it!

In version 18.1.5 of Meeting Schedule Assistant you will see a new item added to the File menu:

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This new menu item is only enabled when you are using the Workbook view in the editor. Clicking Print Preview – Personal Copies will display this popup window:

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A help topic has been provided with the updated program about using this feature. In summary:

  • Use the Display options to limit the publishers shown in the list.
  • Use the Select options to quickly select all the publishers that meet the given criteria.
  • You can also manually use CTRL + Left Mouse Click to select multiple entries.
  • Select the Style (there is one installed by default).
  • Press Print Preview to close the window and display the preview.

Additional Information

As mentioned above, the updated application includes a modified schedule script Workbook-S-140-Personal. It is based on the existing Workbook-S-140 document and was adapted to facilitate the new requirements. Here is a copy of that script, with the ammended items highlighted. This may be of use to you if you are using your own S-140 scripts and want to make a Personal version.

The application also installs an updated CSS document:

At line 172 you will see a new class:

.textHighlight {
background-color: #ffff00;

This class sets any assigned name with a YELLOW BACKGROUND.

Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.4 is now available

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Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.4

I am pleased to announce that the next version of Meeting Schedule Assistant is now available.

Partial Translation – Sranantongo

A brother has kindly volunteered to start supporting a partial translation in Sranantongo.

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He has kindly agreed to start providing monthly workbook data for any potential users. March and April have already been made available.

Student Counsel Form

A couple of refinements have been made to the Student Counsel Form:

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  • The window can now be resized and it’s position is remembered.
  • You can now display multiple counsel forms. Simply select all the students of interest and press the Apply button.

Third Living As Christian Item

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At the moment the Midweek Editor supports one or two items in the Living As Christians section. I am considering if there may be valid situations when you might have to make adjustments to the agenda and introduce a third item. The time would be created by reducing the timing of existing items as required.

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There are a lot of settings on the editor already. However, we no longer require the Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry (15 minute) presentations item. This is because we now have sample conversation videos during the first three weeks each month instead. So we could remove those options and this would give us the real estate for an extra Living As Christians item.

What Do You Think?

Please vote to have your say! Feel free to add a comment if you would like to mention any scenarios where an additional item may be required.

Frequently Asked Question – Report in Black and White

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My schedule is suddenly appearing in black and white instead of the normal colour report that was in place. I recently reset my windows, but did a normal backup and restore of settings. Can’t find anywhere to fix it. Any ideas of what happened?

When you use Print Preview click on the Page Setup icon on the toolbar. There is a setting on the window that is displayed:

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Tick the Print Background Colors and Images option.