Workbook Compact with Assignments – 2019 Version

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Some minor adjustments have been made to the Compact Workbook script to make it compatible with the new 2019 Midweek Meeting format.


Workbook Compact With Assignments English

This is a modified version of the existing compact script that works with the 2019 Midweek Meeting format.

Size: 13kb
Version: 1
Published: 26/02/2019


Workbook Compact With Assignments Hungarian

This is a modified version of the existing compact script that works with the 2019 Midweek Meeting format.

Size: 13kb
Version: 1
Published: 26/02/2019

Displaying the Hospitality field on the Weekend Only Report

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The ‘Hospitality’ field does not show up on the Weekend Only Report. Speaker, Subject, Congregation, Chairman, Watchtower subject, Watchtower conductor, and Watchtower reader appear but not the ‘Hospitality’ field.Paul

It is possible to change the information that is displayed on this report. Detailed information can be found towards the end of the Advanced Customisation help topic.

Sample Weekend Only Report that includes the Hospitality assignment.
Sample Customised Schedule

How To Do It

Step 1

Bring up your File Explorer and navigate to your User Application Data folder. The easiest way to do this is to simply type %appdata% in the address bar and hit the Enter key:

Ste 1 - File Explorer - Navigate to User Application Data folder.
Step 1 – Navigate to the User Application Data folder

Step 2

Locate the Meeting Schedule Assistant sub-folder and double-click:

Step 2 - File Explorer - Double-click the Meeting Schedule Assistant folder.
Step 2 – Select the Meeting Schedule Assistant folder

Step 3

Next, you need to locate the Workbook-S-140-Weekend Meeting Only.xsl file and duplicate it with a new name. Always change the name by adding a suffix. For example:

Step 3 - File Explorer - Duplicate and rename the script.
Step 3 – Duplicate the script and rename it

Step 4

Right-click the new file and select Properties. On the popup window un-tick the Read-Only attribute:

Step 4 - File Explorer - Change properties.
Step 4 – Right-click the new file and select Properties. Then …
Step 4 - File Explorer - Remove the Read-only attribute.
Step 4 – … un-tick the Read-only attribute and click OK.

Step 5

Now you use a text editor to customise the new file. One good editor is Notepad++ and my personal favourite is Microsoft Visual Studio. Using the text editor you need to modify the <xsl:template match="HomeTalk"> section so that it looks like this:

<!--Displays the home talk speaker details-->
<xsl:template match="HomeTalk">
    <xsl:apply-templates select="Time" mode="End"/>
    <td class="cellWEEKENDText">
      <div class="floatRight">
        <xsl:value-of select="//Labels/PTS_Congregation"/>:
      <span class="textPTSLabel">
        <xsl:value-of select="//Labels/PTS_Speaker"/>:
      &#160;<span class="textPTSValue">
        <xsl:value-of select="Speaker"/>
    <td class="cellName">
      <xsl:value-of select="Congregation"/>
    <td class="cellWEEKENDText" colspan="3">
      <span class="textPTSLabel">
        <xsl:value-of select="//Labels/PTS_Theme"/>:
      &#160;<span class="textPTSValue">
        <xsl:value-of select="Theme"/>
    <td colspan="2">
      <div class="floatRight">
        <xsl:value-of select="//Labels/PTS_Hospitality"/>:
    <td  class="cellName">
      <xsl:value-of select="../Assignments/Hospitality"/>

Save the file once the changes have been made and close the editor.

Step 6

Finally, start Meeting Schedule Assistant and create or open your schedule. Now you can select your newly customised style from the drop-down list:

Step 6 - Midweek editor - Select the new style from drop-down list.
Step 6 – Select the newly customised style

That should be it! The newly customised style can also be directly downloaded from here for your convenience.


Weekend Only Report with Hospitality

Customised scripts can be easily imported into the Midweek Editor. Just remember to unzip the download first.

Size: 3KB
Version: v1.0
Published: 25/02/2019

Public Talks v18.0.2 is now available

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I am pleased to announce that the next version of Public Talks is now available.

You may be aware that I recently made a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant available which had updated Calendar Sync tools. At the time I explained that I would also have to release a new version of Public Talks so that they both used the same minimum sync tools.

Please update to this version and pass the word to any users who do not follow the website or the MailChimp newsletter.

Latest Download

Public Talks
Size: 25.5 MB
Version: 19.0.0
Published: 06/06/2019

(Or use the Check for Update feature available from the Help menu)

Meeting Schedule Assistant v19.0.7 is now available

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Meeting Schedule Assistant Logo with white background
Theocratic Software

I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant available.

There are no new features as such. The reason this release is required is due to upgrades made to the Google and Outlook Calendar sync facilities.

Outlook Calendar

You will find that you will have to re-authenticate the next time you perform a sync operation. This should be a one-off exercise.

Google Calendar

Things were a little more complicated with Google Calendar. Google have rolled out some new protocols concerning how there API library is used.

Over the years I had been doing some background testing and had added the Contacts API. But I don’t actually use this within the utility so I have removed it.

In addition, I had to add a section to my Privacy Policy that states clearly how I use the Google API library. My changes have now been verified by Google so we should be OK.

If I did not comply with their changes my utility would have been blocked by March 15, 2019.

What You Need To Do

In simple terms, you need to upgrade. I need all users of Meeting Schedule Assistant to be using this edition as a minimum so that the sync tools you are using are the ones approved by Google.

Now, I am aware that there are some users who are not signed up MailChimp so they don’t get the newsletters. So please spread the word.

In due course I will also release Public Talks with the new sync tools. Please wait for an announcement.

Latest Download

Meeting Schedule Assistant

Supported operating systems:

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Size: 19.88 MB
Version: 19.1.3
Published: 16/05/2019