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  1. Bro. Truckle,
    The apps you made is so helpful in our meeting schedules.
    The same suggestion I would like to point out is the Initial call sched every 2nd week of the month.
    When we ake print pdf copies, the 3rd part doesn’t show on the “Worksheet” of the chairman while on the “Workbook” it shows the whole parts , i.e. 1st, the video, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd INITIAL CALL tasks.
    Our Christian love and greetings,
    Bro. lamar

    1. Author

      Dear Bro. Lamar

      Thanks for taking the time to vote and make a comment. To get around the issue you have raised I have opted to do two things myself:

      1. When I go to Print Preview I use the “Scale to …” option at the top on the toolbar. 95% works most of the time and 90% worst case scenario. This usually makes it fit. This assumes you have already set you margins to the smallest value possible on the Page Setup window for the printer concerned.

      2. Another thing I did was customize the Worksheet XSL script file. I made a copy of it and reduced the size of the comment blocks for each student talk (by removing one of the soft carriage return lines).

      In our congregations case I have a custom XML data file which has additional information about each item (from the Workbook) and it gets fed into the worksheet and using the above workarounds I have most times got the worksheet to fit on one page.

      Bro. Truckle

  2. Bro. Truckle,

    Whilst I am no longer actively using Meeting Schedule Assistant (we now have younger brothers to handle it), I think the website dealing with the application is easy to navigate and to see what has been updated.

    Thanks for your continuing hard work on this tool.

  3. Hello from Canada, with all the news of Heat Waves, Torrential storms, Floods, Freezing Weather, i was impressed to see that our Meeting Schedule Assistant still received regular updates :-). I am one of those guys that only has a few icons on his desktop in a neat pattern, personally i would like to see less tabs and links on the opening page. Some have been duplicated 2 or 3 times. I find if there is too much on the front page, or at least seems like too much to me…. i will quickly get what i need and leave. Would be nice to see a welcome page with just a couple choices…what software are you here to see….1 large icon of each program, then each page takes you in a little deeper to the separate programs. Downloads, posts, comments, all specific only to the software you are using. But that’s just me, really appreciate the program, and the time you spend implementing all the changes we have seen in the past few years….muchos gracias!!

    1. Author

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for your kind words and comments. I have simplified the footer area of the website and removed:

      1. Tag Cloud
      Removed as it was not strictly needed. I think the main reason for a tag cloud is to get search engines to land on the page.

      2. Pages Navigation
      Removed list of pages as they are already in the main menu.

      3. Menu Navigation
      Removed the menu navigation as it only duplicates the main menu.

      This leaves only two widgets in the footer now:

      1. Links to online resources
      2. List of top 10 pages viewed.

      Your brother


      1. Even that makes a big difference!!! I like it!

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