Advanced Customization

There are 3 files that you need to familiarize yourself with:


This is the file that contains all of the schedule information.


This is the schedule template that contains the look and feel of the schedule.


This is the styling information (like fonts, colours, borders etc.)

The XSL file (in combination with the CSS file) displays the content of the XML file in the preview area.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="C:\Users\ajtru\AppData\Roaming\VisitsRota\Shepherd-Schedule-v1.xsl"?>
<ScheduleData Version="1">
    <Elder Name="Shaun Truckle" Group="Keynsham">
            <Month Month="November">
                    <Family>Family 1</Family>
                    <Family>Family 2</Family>
            <Month Month="December">
                    <Family>Family 3</Family>
                    <Family>Family 4</Family>
            <Month Month="January">
                    <Family>Family 5</Family>
                    <Family>Family 6</Family>

The above example show you how all schedule detail is stored in the XML file so you will know how to access the information from within your XSL template. It is assumed that you have a working knowledge of writing XSL files and it is beyond the scope of this help file to go into details about XSL files.