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Away Talk Entry Editor Tentative Talk Date Congregation Brother Talk Number and Theme Speaker Notes

The Away Talk Entry editor is displayed when you press the New Away Talk or Modify Away Talk buttons.  It allows you to set the details for the specified away talk.

If you are creating a new away talk entry, then all fields will be empty apart from the date.  When modifying an entry, the current details will be displayed for you to change (as in the screenshot above).

To learn more about the features of this property page, glance down the table below or highlight the control you are interested in by clicking on the screenshot above. Please also remember that context help is available to you by either pressing F1 when the control has focus, or by using the question mark icon at the top right corner of the dialogue.

Use the dropdown list to select the brother who will be giving this public talk.

If the brother is not listed, then you must either add him or modify his settings using the Congregations maintenance page.

Brothers who are appointed as Ministerial Servants will be shown in your chosen colour (see preferences).

Right-click the dropdown list to display this popup menu:

Brother Popup

Use this popup menu to obtain information about the brother's recent talk assignments. Please click here for more details.

Use the dropdown list to select the Congregation that the talk is being heard in.

If the congregation is not present, then you must add it using the Congregations maintenance page.

Right-click over the dropdown list to display a small popup menu. This will tell you which brothers you have sent to this congregation within six months eitherside of the talk date.

Congregation Popup

Use the dropdown list to select the talk number being assigned. Once you have selected one, the talk theme gets displayed automatically. You can group all of the speakers talks together at the top of the list.  See general preferences.

If the public talk outline number is not present, then you must add it using the Public Talks maintenance page.

This displays the date of this away talk. The date field is always disabled. The date shown here is the same as the one for the home talk entry that this away talk is being added to or modified from.
meeting time The meeting time is set automatically by the software and takes into account the talk date and known meeting time details for the selected congregation.

There are a few circumstances (for example, the visit of the Circuit Overseer) that require a change in meeting time. To cater for this, set the Override Time option and adjust the time accordingly.
This displays any available notes for the currently selected brother. 

Set this option if you have not yet confirmed the away talk assignment.  Tentative assignments can be highlighted in a separate text colour on some of the reports that can be generated.

Once you have confirmed the assignment details, unset the option.

Please note that you do not have to use this setting if you don't want to.