Public Talks


I have written this program to assist public talk coordinators in generating schedules for the notice board at their Kingdom Halls. As you will see, by using the program and reading the help, several other types of report can also be generated which makes it a versatile program. These reports can be saved and reloaded at anytime. If used correctly, you will also find it easy to determine which public talks you would like to hear next. However, I am not suggesting that you only use this program and nothing else. It would be best to fit it in with your existing system that you have. There is nothing worse that asking to hear a talk and waiting on the phone for the pc to be booted up!

I know that there are other programs written to do the same thing, and it is not my intention to compete with them. I simply found that they didn't have the flexibility that I wanted. Since I have written this one, I know how it works and am in a position to adapt it accordingly.

I have a webpage dedicated to this program. You would already know about it, since it is the only place you can download my program from. I intend to extend this webpage as it is currently in infancy. I intend to mention bugs that have been brought to my attention, upcoming features and perhaps answers to any frequently asked questions. Here is the link:

You can automatically check to see if there is a new version of the program available by selecting Check For Updates from the Help menu.  This will connect to the internet in order to check your version against that on the WWW.

The program can be described as having the following parts to it:

I strongly recommend that you read the Getting Started section. If you follow this, you should be up and running in no time! Otherwise, the best way to learn about the program is to familiarize yourself with the various dialogues and their features. Each dialogue is provided with context help and a dedicated help topic.

My email address:

If you want to contact me, there is a contact page within this help topic.