Congregation Meeting Time

Ribbon Meet Time

Press the Meet Time button on the ribbon bar.
Command Syntax
Congregation Meeting Time dialogue
This displays the above dialogue and is used to print the congregation meeting time. There are two parts to this dialogue which are detailed below. At the moment, it is required that you call this command from inside an existing LOOP so that you can get access to the current row.

Use the drop list to select the field (from the current row) that specifies the congregation. Or, if you want to use your own congregation, then you can simply set the Use $LocalCong option. Setting that option will disable the droplist of field names.

Use the drop list to select the field (from the current row) that specifies the meeting date. Or, if appropriate, set the Use Variable option and select one of the predefined date variables: $Today, $NextYear and $NextTwoYears.

Please view the sample scripts to see how to use this script command correctly. Since the result is a piece of text, it is affected by any font, colour or alignment settings (and requires EOL to be issued to show on the screen / report).

The program will filter out any fields which are of an incorrect type. So it will only display text type fields in the top dropdown list, and date type fields in the bottom dropdown list.

Once you have specified these two items and pressed Insert or Update, the program takes the actual value of the congregation [field] and the date, and then works out what the correct meeting time would be for that date at that congregation. If the date is in the past, it will just use the "current" meeting time for that congregation.
You must press Insert (or Update if editing an existing command) for your changes to be applied to the current script in the editor.