Line Spacing

Ribbon Line Spacing

Press the Line Spacing button on the ribbon bar.
Command Syntax
Line Spacing dialogue
Line spacing propertyThis alters the gap after each line of text. It's a bit like the blank command. You can select a value from 1.0 up to 2.0. 1.0 means single line spacing and 2.0 means double line spacing (have a single blank between lines, as if BLANK had been issued in between each EOL). 1.x is between the two ofcourse.

Note that any banner colour will fill in the gaps left by such spacing, just as it does for BLANK. Note that line spacing does not affect separators - they always have the same height.

Although you can select a value using the drop list, you can also use expressions to calculate a value. For example, if the brother generating the script wanted the page a little more widely spread in terms of lines, you could use something like this:
LINESPACING $iUserLineSpacing

(so the brother can enter a value between 1.0 and 2.0)
You must press Insert (or Update if editing an existing command) for your changes to be applied to the current script in the editor.