Set New Value

Ribbon Set New Value

Press the Set New Value button on the ribbon bar.
Set New Value dialogue
Setting a variable allows you to either change the value of an existing variable conveniently, or to actually declare and initialise a variable in one go. Variables declared in this way will become available for inserting via the control panel in later commands, and do not need to be declared with REQUIRES; it is implicit. Variables appearing on the right-hand side of the equals must have previously been set, though. The value to assign to the variable is an expression, but it does not require curly braces { and } around it. These variables have similar properties to dynamic variables declared with REQUIRES.

Note: You should initialise and use variables this way unless you need input from the user (in which case you should use the REQUIRE command).

$iNumBrothersAvailable = $iNumSpeakers + $iNumReaders
You must press Insert (or Update if editing an existing command) for your changes to be applied to the current script in the editor.