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Convert Database menu item

Public Talks (by default) is installed with a Microsoft Access database in MDB format. Up until now this was the only file format we supported. Thus you had to have Microsoft Access 2003 (or lower) installed or the runtime support files, like MDAC and JET.

This was becoming problematic because by far the majority of Public Talk users had upgraded their Microsoft Office version to 2007 or more recently, 2010. Whilst Public Talks continued to operate it did mean that you could not make any personal adjustments to the database as MDB files could not be structurally changed.

Thus, support has been implemented for the newer ACCDB database format (Microsoft Access 2007 / 2010) and users are encouraged to migrate to this database format. Support for the MDB format will remain for some time but eventually it will be removed.

Converting your database to the newer format is a straightforward process and can be done from Convert Database sub menu, found on the File menu. If you do decide to upgrade to the newer database format then you might also like to consider implementing database security.

The conversion tools will not be available for you to use if you don't have Microsoft Access 2010 or the Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime installed on your computer.