Current News (RSS feed)

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An RSS feed is a way to provide news and information to users and they are becoming more and more popular. My RSS feed has been linked to the Current News support forum topic. Thus you will need a valid user account with the support forum and might need to enter those login credentials in order to access the feed contents.

What does this mean? Well, whenever I make an announcement in the Current News forum, it will automatically get announced through the RSS feed too. So if you subscribe to the feed, you might find it an easier way to keep abreast of new versions etc..

So how can one use an RSS feed? There are several ways. Most internet browsers will allow you to visit the link and then subscribe and there is no more you need to do. For example, if you visit the feed URL using FireFox you will see this:

firefox subscribe to feed

If you then click Subscribe Now it will show a popup for you to give the feed a name and specify where the feed is placed in the browser:

firefox feed settings

After clicking Subscribe the feed will show in the Firefox toolbar:

firefox feed in toolbar

Other browsers should work similarly. However, you don't have to use a browser because there are many feed readers out there to use aswell. For example ...


feeddemon screen shot

Feed Catch:

feedcatch screen shot

I will not be sending any announcements to the users of the support forum via email at any time. The only facility I will maintain is this RSS feed so I urge you to subscribe using whatever means you like.