Maintain Databases

Public Talk Entry Dialogue


This dialogue allows you to add a new (or edit an existing) public talk. The dialogue is displayed by pressing the Add Talk button on the public talks maintenance page.

Talk number This is the number of the public talk outline. It is disabled if you are editing an existing talk entry and you will not be allowed to duplicate an existing talk number.
Category This is the category of the public talk. If you are adding a miscellaneous event, then select "Not Specified".
Times heard This specifies how many times the talk has been heard in your congregation.
This is the theme for the talk.
Last heard date Press on the arrow to choose a date for when the talk was last heard. You can also click on the separate parts of the date in the edit box and use the arrow keys to adjust the date.
Talk never heard before If checked, the date entry gets disabled and assigned the date of 26th July, 1931 (this was the date when we took on the name Jehovah's Witnesses). Uncheck this option and the date field will get enabled again and set to today's date.

When checked, it means that you have never heard this talk before in your congregation. By assigning it such an old date, it means it will be correctly placed in any reports that you generate in date order.
Outline date Each paper outline has an issue date in the lower left corner (eg: 10/09 for October 2009). The database is provided with an initial set of issue dates. These are accurate to the best of my ability however it is your responsibility to ensure these dates are maintained.

Set the option No outline date for any custom entry in the database (for example: Circuit Overseer outline).

On clicking OK your changes will take effect and the database will get updated. Click Cancel to abort adding the new entry or editing the existing entry.

There is another way that public talks can be added to the database via the Help menu. See the help topic about the feature Check for New Talks for more details.