Preferences - Backup

Options menu item You get to the Preferences dialogue by clicking on the Options menu and then selecting the Preferences menu item. You can also press CTRL + T or click the toolbar icon.

Options: Backup dialogue

Public Talks has always allowed you to backup your database and settings using the features provided on the File menu: Backup Database and Transfer to another PC.

However, this puts the responsibility on the user to manually backup the database and it is all too easy to forget. Before you know it, you are in a disaster recovery situation and don't have all the schedule changes that you had arranged yesterday!

The Backup options is our way of trying to help you avoid such situations. If set up properly and maintained you should always have some recent backups of your database (and optionally settings).

What to backup

The first thing to do is to set the What to backup settings.

What to backup

The backup procedure will begin when you shut the program down and you can choose to backup the database or the database and the program settings (a transfer zip). The latter is the best option if you want a full backup recovery in place.

How to backup

Next, you decide how you want the backup to be performed.

How to backup

You can let it be done automatically or you can get it to prompt you. The latter might be the best choice because there way be times when you start up Public Talks just to review details and you don't make any changes. It is entirely up to you.

In addition, the Backup feature can prompt you to backup at regular intervals. This is useful for those of you who like to keep Public Talks running constantly in the background. Thus, you don't have to wait until you shut the program down. That being said, you should restart the application once a week, the day after you have had your public talk, so that the application and perform some routine maintenance operations. It will display a small notification which, when clicked, will start the backup process using your agreed settings.

Where to backup

Finally, you decide where you want to backup the database (and setttings) to.

Where to backup

You can backup the data to another folder on your computer. This might be useful if you are using an online facility such as DropBox. So your database gets copied into your backup folder and then DropBox will synch the data to your online account so that you have a remote backup.

As an alternative, you can backup the data remotely to an FTP site. But you will need to have a valid account for this purpose.

Once you have made your changes to the backup features you must click Apply Changes.