Google Calendar

Google Calendar tab Display the Google Calendar options page by clicking the Google Calendar tab on the Preferences dialogue.

It is also available through the menu: Options | Preferences
It is also available through the toolbar: Pref.

Options: Google Calendar

This is a convenient way to have brothers who have mobile devices to be kept up to date with talk information. The alternative is to use the Send to Microsoft Outlook facility. You need the Microsoft 4.5.1 (or higher) .NET Framework installed (it should have been done during installation if it was needed).

Here are just a few reasons why you might prefer to synchronize your talk information with a Google calendar:

Here are some points to remember about Google Calendar:

Automatically synchronize to your Google calendar Switch on this setting if you would like Public Talks to keep your Google Calendar up to date automatically. This will affect the following database operations:

- Adding new talk assignments
- Modifying existing talk assignments
- Deleting talk assignments
- Rearranging talk assignments

There is a small delay whilst the calendar is updated. If you prefer, you can switch this setting off and perform a manual update of all assignments from the Home / Away maintenance page.
Authenticate You need to authenticate Public Talks to work with your Google Calendar. Note that if you have already done it with the Meeting Schedule Assistant application then you won't need to do it again. There is a dedicated help topic providing an overview about the authentification process. Please familiarize yourself with it.
Calendar to use Once you have completed the authorization process you should see a list of available calendars to use.

Select the calendar that you would like to use Public Talks with. All your events will be maintained using this calendar.
Set sensitivity to privateThis setting affects the visbility of the events when they are added into your Google calendar. For example, if the setting is on, then the Privacy section of the event in Google will be set thus:
Google privacy
Note, there are times when it will be set to Default. Don't be alarmed if it is set to that. It means that your calendar is private. Also, this setting will need to be unchecked if you wish to share the calendar with other brothers, otherwise it will simply show "busy" when they try to view your calendar.
Field mappings

You can include additional information from the database with each event. It is assumed that you would probably want to include the phone numbers.

Just select the fields as required. If you are not interested in including this information you can set it to <Do not send>.

Note, the drop list displayed uses your own memo label descriptions. So don't be alarmed if the wording listed on your dialogue is not the same.

You can set reminder alerts for the events that are added to your Google Calendar. Note that Public Talks does not currently support all of the functionality available for reminder alerts.
Apply changes Whenever you make changes to the settings you should click Apply changes. This will save your preferences!