Google Calendar


You must already have a valid Google account inorder to use the Google Calendar feature. You then have to authorize my application to access your calendars. Usually, authorization only needs to be done once. Here we attempt to take you through the process. It should be noted that you will need access to the internet in order to do this. Finally, if you have a software firewall installed, you may see popup windows asking for permission to access the internet. Please grant permission.

Begin by clicking on the Options menu and then selecting Google Calendar Options. If authorization is required then you will see this message:

Popup: Please Click "Authenticate" Button

Dimiss the popup message by clicking OK. It will now display the main Google Calendar Options page:

Google Calendar Options

As you can see, the calendar list is indeed empty. So we now need to press the Authenticate button. This is highlighted in yellow on the above screenshot.  The authentification process might not work correctly the first time, and if this happens, you will see this question popup:


Click Yes and it will try to authenticate again. This time it should work and it will take you to your web-browser:

Select Google account

Select the account that you are using from the list presented. You might only have one account listed. Please click on it. This takes you to the confirmation page:

Google Calendar - Confirm Authorization

All you need to do now is click the Accept button. What you then should see is a message that it worked:

Google Calendar - Confirmation - OK

Public Talks should now inform you that the authorization has completed. This might not be immediately obvious. But if you look at the screen you should see that Public Talks is flashing in the taskbar:


Click on Public Talks and you should see this message:

authorization complete

Remember the message that was displayed in the web browser? Well, that message does say "Closing..." but sadly it never does. So you can now close down the browser or web-page. You should see that the calendar list is now populated:

Calendar List populated

It will only list calendars that you own (can write to). From now on you should not need to authenticate. The rest of the options are all explained in the Google Calendar help topic.

Revoking Access

To revoke authorization at any point in the future all you need to do in this dialog screen is press CTRL+R. You will need access to the internet and it will remove access from your Google account and reset the calendar list. You can also check the Google pages on this subject, which also provides a direct link to revoke access to applications.

This completes the overview of the authorization process and how you manually revoke access.