Preferences - Summary Info

 Preferences menu item    You get to the Preferences dialogue by clicking on the Options menu and then selecting the Preferences menu item.  You can also press CTRL + T or click the toolbar icon.
 Preferences Dialogue Summary Info Order
To learn more about the features of this dialogue, glance down the table below or highlight the control you are interested in by clicking on the screenshot above. Please also remember that context help is available to you by either pressing F1 when the control has focus, or by using the question mark icon at the top right corner of the dialogue.
Options summary order Use this list to adjust how the summary information is displayed on the Home / Away Maintenance dialogue.  Check the appropriate boxes for the details that you want displayed.

Note that the description of the last assignment Miscellaneous can changed on the labels option page.

If you want to adjust the order in which the information is displayed, click on the row to highlight it, and then use the up / down arrows at the bottom to move the row accordingly.

These settings will be remain until you change them.