Talks Summary Setup

Talks Summary Setup Dialogue Text Colour Highlight tentative Selection list Clear All Select All Year Meeting Day Personal settings Vertical lines Horizontal lines

The Talks Summary Setup page allows you to setup a variety of options to determine how the reports get generated. To be able to access this setup page, you must select Talks Summary from the list of report types on the Report Type tab.

All settings (with exception of selected dates) are saved when you dismiss the dialogue by pressing the OK button.

To learn more about the features of this property page, glance down the table below or highlight the control you are interested in by clicking on the screenshot above. Please also remember that context help is available to you by either pressing F1 when the control has focus, or by using the question mark icon at the top right corner of the dialogue.

This property page is one part of the Choose Report Type Dialogue. Please click on the link to get an overview of the entire dialogue.

Check this option if you want to have horizontal grid lines on the report.
Check this option if you want to have vertical grid lines on the report.
Use this dropdown combo to select the year that you want to generate the report for.  When you change this option, you must then click the Apply button for it for take effect.
Use this dropdown combo to select the day of the week when your Public Talk is held. When you change this option, you must then click the Apply button for it for take effect.
This button is only enabled when you have made a change to the year or meeting day.  When you click it, the list of dates gets refreshed.  Any dates currently selected will be lost.

This is the selection listbox.  It shows a list of dates using the currently selected year and meeting day.  It will automatically include any other dates which have been arranged (for example, an away talk on a different day of the week).

Select which dates you want to have included in the report.  You can use the CTRL key to select (or deselect) several individual entries (ie: not a continuous selection).

Press this button to select all the dates in the selection listbox
Press this button to deselect all highlighted dates in the selection listbox

The report can be personalised to meet your needs.  All of the headings, including the report title, can be changed.  Use this dropdown list to select the heading you want to modify.  Once selected, the current value gets shown in the edit box:

You can then edit the text.  The settings get saved when you click OK to generate the report or choose the report type property page.

Set this option if you want to highlight any tentative home/away talk assignments in a different colour.

Use the dropdown list to select which colour you would like tentative home/away talk assignments to be highlighted in. This setting is disabled if the Highlight tentative option is not set.