Custom Report Script Editor

Reset Variable

Reset Variable dialogue There are several ways of invoking the Reset variable facility.

Select a line in the raw script list box and then:

  • Right-click select the Reset Variable option from the script editor pop-up menu. Or ...
  • Use the key combination  CTRL+SHIFT+R. Or ..
  • If you are editing an existing command, you can simply double-click it.

The reset variable facility allows you to create a VARIABLE_FIELD :reset: statement, which in turn allows you reset a dynamic variable to:

Variable to reset Select the variable you wish to reset from the drop-down list.
Reset variable to default Select this option if you wish to reset the variable to its default value as declared in the corresponding REQUIRES … VALUES "… " statement.

The default value is the first declared value in the VALUES list. If there is no VALUES parameter it defaults to ???.
Reset to specified text value

Select this option if you wish to set the variable to a text string. Simply enter the string of characters in the text entry box. The OK button remains disabled until you have entered at least one character.

You can use CTRL+ENTER to insert new line.

Reset to another variable value Select this option if you wish to set the variable to value that is currently stored in another variable. If so, select the second variable from the drop-down list. If this option is to work correctly, you must:
  • have at least two variables as declared by their corresponding REQUIRES statements;
  • select different variable to the one you wish to reset thus enabling the OK button.
OK, Cancel and Help buttons

Click a button as appropriate.

Please note that if you select either the text string or the variable value options the OK button remains disabled until you have:

  • entered a text string; or
  • selected a second variable.