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Speaker Dialogue

  Speaker Entry dialgue

The dialogue is invoked by pressing the New Speaker or Modify Speaker button on the congregations maintenance page.  Context help is available to you by either pressing F1 when the control has focus, or by using the question mark icon at the top right corner of the dialogue.

Speaker details The left hand side allows you to manage all the details about the speaker which includes his name, notes and memo details.

The memo labels can be customized (as in this screen shot) using program preferences.
Assignments The Away Speaker check option is only available for speakers associated with the Local Congregation.

Set the option Ministerial Servant if the brother is serving in this appointed capacity.
Talk grid The right hand side allows you to manage which public talks this speaker gives.

There are two ways to do this and instructions are provided on the dialogue.

Using the talk grid
- Click on a talk number to select / deselect it.

- Right-click a talk number to toggle as favourite.

- The talk theme is displayed as you hover the mouse over the talk numbers. 

- The text box is automatically updated. However, if  Update Grid is enabled it will show a warning.

Using the text box
- Talk numbers should be seperated by a comma.

- Talk numbers can be in any order.

- Favourite talk numbers are indicated with an asterisk.
  Eg: 1, 5, *10, 50

- A space is not required, so "1,2,3,4,5" is also acceptable.

- As you type in a talk number it attempts to display the talk theme for you. It will also try to do this as you move the cursor with the left/right arrow keys or click any of the existing numbers in the text box.

- The Update Grid button becomes enabled when you make changes to the text box contents. You must click Update Grid to synchronize the talk grid. It will try to do this automatically if you click OK before clicking Update Grid.

- The program attempts to verify the contents of the text box by checking that all specified talk numbers and actually valid and present in the grid. If it encounters an invalid one (and no valid is also considered invalid ("1, , 5") it will raise and error and inform you.

You might find it easier to type in the available talk numbers using the text box. Alternatively, you can copy/paste a comma seperated set of text into the text box but you must then ensure it follows the specified syntax rules.

You must dismiss the dialogue with OK in order that your changes get updated in the database!