Public Talks

Vista Compatibility

Beginning with version 2.05, attempts have been made to make Public Talks more compatible with the new ‘Vista’ Operating System by Microsoft. Outlined below are the changes made to the program and these may or may not affect you if you are an existing Public Talks user.

Public Talks 2.05 (NOVEMBER 2007)

Location of data files

The location of the internal data files created and maintained (ie: *.mdb; *.crs) have been moved from {programfiles} folder to the {userappdata} folder.  This is more inline with the way that Vista expects program data files to be stored.  If you upgrade from 2.04 or below, the installer will try to copy your existing data files to the new location.  However, under certain circumstances this might fail, so you are encouraged to backup your settings first from within Public Talks so that you can restore them if required after the upgrade has been installed.

Vista awareness

The Public Talks executable is now Vista aware.  Public Talks tells Vista that it wants to run with the same privileges as the logged in user.  Changes have been made internally to avoid the need to elevate the application to administrator level.  Please let me know if you get any strange program behavior.

Customised Labels and Headings

These are now stored in a separate INI file in the users application data folder.  You will have to adjust these settings one again (Memo options page) because this data was previously held in the registry.

Transfer to/from another PC

The transfer ZIP now contains a copy of the new INI file (see previous paragraph).  Also, the way the registry is backed up and restored has been changed.  The program no longer relies on the use of REGEDIT (one of the reasons for administrator rights).  It is all done internally by Public Talks.  The side affect of this is that new ZIP files will contain a registry.BIN but but old (pre 2.05) ZIP files will contain a registry.REG file.  If you attempt to transfer in an older ZIP file, you will be prompted to manually restore the registry file yourself.  Note, this only applies when transferring a pre 2.05 ZIP file.