Workbook Schedule – Compact Style

A brother showed me a schedule that they were using in his congregation. It was a compact schedule that fitted everything on one piece of paper.

This schedule does not include the following:

  • None of the themes
  • None the song details
  • None of the prayer assignments (see version 2 or 3)
  • None of the student assistants

In addition, this schedule is designed for congregations who do not have a second class.

Compact Style Sheet Example

It should be noted that a few of the headings used on the schedule are in English and if you want to use the schedule in another language you will have to edit a copy of the script and adjust the text as needed. For example:


&gt; Treasures From God's Word

How To Install

Step 1:

Click the Import button

Step 2:

Select the CSS/XSL files and click Open.

The new schedule will now show in the droplist.

Size: 6kb
Version: v1
Published: 06/11/2017


There is now a second version of the script available which also includes opening / closing prayer assignments.

Size: 6kb
Version: v2
Published: 24/12/2017


There is now a third version of the script available which includes improvements for when you have more than one school. It still shows only the students from the main hall but there were some issues with the display. This is resolved in version 3. Please be aware you need to install Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.0.8 or higher to use this script.

Size: 6kb
Version: v3
Published: 30/12/2017

Please leave a comment if you have decided to use either of these schedules and would like support with any issues.

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