Elderly and Infirm Mode

Elderly & Infirm mode


In many congregations there may be only one elder asked to care for the specific visiting arrangement and needs of the Elderly and Infirm (E&I), therefore there may only be one name to populate in the elders column. However if it is decided that more than one elder might care for the needs of one or more E&I publishers, enter their names into this column.


List the names of all E&I Publishers approved by the Body of Elders to receive regular visits from the congregation.

Report Settings

  • Using the combo box, select the Starting Month to appear on the generated schedule.
  • Next, select the Number of Months the generated schedule should include. For example you may choose to select three months to coincide with the quarterly body of elder meetings.
  • Select the Number of Publishers to receive a weekly visit each month that the selected elder is to oversee.
  • From the combo box select the Starting Name to be listed first on the generated report. The last name listed on any previous report will influence who will be listed first on the subsequent report you are creating.


Click this button to display a file selection window. You can then select CSS/XSL files and import them directly into the application. The list of files is filtered to display those with the right file names. Read more about advanced customization here.

Notes IconIt is beyond the scope of this help topic to explain the fundamentals of writing bespoke XSL templates. Disclaimer: You import and use third party XSL/CSS files at your own risk. 


Gives a snapshot of what the generated report will look like, one for each elder listed. A handy calendar is provided with blank cells for the overseer to fill in the names of volunteer visitor publishers to visit each E&I publisher. Each column is started with a Monday date representing the specific week.