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To learn more about the features of this window, glance down the table below or highlight the control you are interested in by clicking on the screenshot above.

Talk Numbers

This is a list of all of available public talk outlines. Select an outline in the list to display all available information for that outline.

Outline date

Each outline has an issue date in the lower left corner (e.g.: 04/18 for April 2018).

Has digital media

Some public talk outlines have official images or videos to be used.

Notes IconThe Outline date and Has digital media details are read-only. Please use the Submit Update tool to let us know about any official changes for the benefit of other users.

Submit Update

Submit Update WindowMeeting Schedule Assistant sponsors over 50 languages and public talk outlines are always being revised and re-issued.

You can use the Submit Update feature to let us know about any revisions and the appropriate database will be revised.

  • Select the outline in the list.
  • Click Submit Update.
  • Make the required changes.

Has a new outline been released? Then please mention the new outline number in the Message area. Feel free to add any other information in the message.

Hit the Submit button when you are ready send the information.

Notes IconYou need to have an active connection to the internet for this feature to function. And you need to configure your email account in application preferences.


The following information is saved to a secondary database in the user application data folder. So you can change this information as and when required.

Number of times heard

This specifies how many times the talk has been heard in your congregation.

Last date heard

Press on the arrow to choose a date for when the talk was last heard. You can also click on the separate parts of the date in the edit box and use the arrow keys to adjust the date.

Talk never heard before

If checked, the date entry gets disabled and assigned the date of 01-01-1900. Uncheck this option and the date field will get enabled again and set to today's date.

Note IconWhen checked, it means that you have never heard this talk before in your congregation. By assigning it such an old date, it means it will be correctly placed in any reports that you generate in date order.


Use this field make any notes about this outline. For example, is the outline excluded? Then you could keep a note of the monthly announcement reference sheet that stated the outline should be excluded.

The software automatically refreshes the Number of times heard and Last date heard details when you start it.

Notes IconThe update will only work if you keep the Assignment History database up-to-date. So when saving schedules in the Meeting Editor, please make sure you say yes the to prompt to update the history.


Exclude Public Talk

Some times you might be instructed to take a talk outline out of circulation for a while. Setting this option will remove the talk number from the drop-down lists when managing your talk exchange.

Exclude Public Talk from

This is to be used in conjunction with the Exclude Public Talk setting. Under normal circumstances you will be informed the date that you need to start excluding the talk from.

Talk History

This is a list of dates when the talk was given in your congregation.

The following information is displayed:

  • Date
  • Speaker
  • Congregation

Speakers List

This is a list of speakers who give this talk.

The following information is displayed:

  • Speaker
  • Congregation