There are five views that you can choose from:

Preview tabs


This is the default view and is limited to the selected meeting. Any conflicts of assignment are indicated with a red background. This colour can be changed by modifying the template style sheet.

Notes IconThis view should not be used for printing or saving to PDF.


Displays the regular meeting schedule.


Displays the chairman and auxiliary counsellor worksheets.


Displays the S-89 assignment slips.


Used to display your own extra reports.

The three buttons are not available in all views:

Context Menu

Did you know that you can right-click the preview area to display this context menu? This menu provides the following shortcuts:

  • Refresh the schedule view.
  • Export the schedule to HTML, PDF or S-89 Data.
  • Print the schedule (you can also save as PDF this way).
  • Web select
    Easily copy content from the schedule with Web select. The web content you copy with web select retains the format when you paste it into any of your files. You can also use Select All / Copy on the Edit menu.

  • Web capture
    The Web Capture tool allows you to take screenshots of the schedule. You can use it to take sections of the schedule or the entire schedule itself. You can also use the tool to annotate your shot with comments or highlights, for example.
  • View > XML
    This allows you to view the underlying XML source that is used (with the XSL transformation template) to create the schedule.
  • View > XSL
    This allows you to view the underlying XSL transformation template.
  • View > View Source
    This allows you to view the underlying HTML that is used to display the schedule.

Notes IconThe View XML / XSL / Source features are used to customize or create templates.

  • Find a word or phrase on the schedule.
  • Open File Location
    Displays the working data folder in File Explorer and automatically selects the active schedule template file.
  • Inspect
    Analyse the schedule using the Inspect tool

Click on the respective links to learn more about each of these features.