Note IconIf you are using a Google Email address then you must read this section. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the email facilities within Meeting Schedule Assistant.

The way Google has set up sending emails on your behalf means we have to authorise using a mechanism called OAuth2. Please follow these steps:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is set the Connect to Google option. This will enable the Authorise button.

Google Autorisation - Step 01

Step 2

Next, press the Authorise button to begin the authorisation process:

Google Authorisation - Step 02

Step 3

You should now see this Choose an account page in your web browser. Select the account that you want to use for sending the monthly data emails.

Google Authorisation - Step 03

Step 4

The consent screen for this tool is currently being verified by Google. Therefore, the following warning is displayed. Click on the Advanced link:

Google Authorisation - Step 04

Step 5

Click the link Go to Meeting Schedule Assistant GMail Interface:

Google Authorisation - Step 05

Step 6

This is the consent screen being verified by Google at the moment. Click on Allow:

Google Authorisation - Step 06

Step 7

You should see this message in the browser now. Follow the instruction and close the window.

Google Authorisation - Step 07

Step 8

Now go back to Meeting Schedule Assistant. You will most likely see this pop-up message. Just click Retry.

Google Authorisation - Step 08

Step 9

You should now see this confirmation message. Click OK:

Google Authorisation - Step 09

Step 10

You will now see that the button has changed to Revoke. Click this button if you ever want to remove the connection with Google.

For now, type in your name and gmail email address:

Google Authorisation - Step 10

Step 11

Finally, click Test Account Settings to send yourself a test email message.

Google Authorisation - Step 11

Once the authentication procedure has been complete you will be able to use the email features within Meeting Schedule Assistant.