Notes and Images Window

It is not uncommon for a speaker to use one or more images in his talk as teaching aids. Provide this information by using this window. Notes and Images can be included in the Meeting Editor for the following talks:

  • Circuit Overseer — Service Talk 1
  • Circuit Overseer — Service Talk 2
  • Public Talk


Speaker NotesYou can add any notes you have received from the speaker. These usually include details about when to display his images during the talk.

Several hotkeys can be used to change the style of the text (eg. bold or italic) and you can use HTML to display text in a list if so desired.


Speaker Notes — ImagesYou can easily include thumbnails of the speaker's image requirements on the worksheet. All you need to do is drag and drop the images onto the window from File Explorer.

Drag n Drop

It will create a snippet of HTML for you which is designed to display the images as a series of small thumbnails in a grid.

The notes and images are automatically included on the following default templates:

  • Worksheet
  • Worksheet RTL
  • Worksheet S-140 Weekend Meeting

Notes IconAt the moment it is only possible to drag images into the software. It might be possible to manually add the required HTML code to display thumbnails for videos. I have not investigated this.