Workbook (S-140) — Compact 2021 — Version 1
Workbook (S-140) — Compact 2021 — Version 1

This ZIP archive includes an updated Compact Schedule Workbook. Keep in mind that this schedule is designed to display 5 weeks at the most.

This version of the schedule addresses some issues that were brought to my attention and supports the new Discussion with Video assignments.

The ZIP archive includes 4 different templates:

  1. Workbook-S-140-Compact_2021_v1
  2. Workbook-S-140-Compact_2021_v1_Assistants
  3. Workbook-S-140-Compact_2021_v1_Assistants_Duty-Assignment_Meeting
  4. Workbook-S-140-Compact_2021_v1_Assistants_Duty-Assignment_Weekly

Please note that the Duty Assignment part of the template will most likely need  to be adjusted to meet your requirements.

How to Install

  • Download the ZIP archive.
  • Right-click the ZIP archive and click the Unblock button.
  • Display the Midweek Editor.
  • Select the Workbook view.
  • Click the Import Template button and select the ZIP archive.

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Change Log

  • 30-07-2021 Updated Hungarian translations
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Version: 1.0
Published: 30/07/2021