User Survey

I am trying to gather some statistics about your Operating System, and which Software you are using. Choose the option (or options where allowed) and press the Select button.

Theocratic Software

Theocratic Software

Which theocratic software do you use? Select all that apply.

Min votes count should be 1

Operating System

See: How to Determine Your Operating System

Operating System

Which operating system do you use?

Microsoft Access

Users of Public Talks with have either Microsoft Access installed or one of the supporting runtimes / redistributables.

See: About Office: What version of Office am I using? (but make sure you use Access when following the steps).

Microsoft Access

Which version of Microsoft Access do you have installed?

Microsoft Access Runtime

The Microsoft Access Runtime enables you to use Access applications when you do not have the full version of Access installed on your computer.

Microsoft Access Runtime

Which Microsoft Access Runtime do you have installed?

Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable

The Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable is set of components that can be used to facilitate transfer of data between Microsoft Office System files and non-Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable

Which Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable do you have installed?

Other Information

Your Location

Where are you from?


  1. A great help for all the Elders in the congregation

    1. Author

      Thank you for your kind words and I am pleased you find the software helpful!

  2. This software is great. I myself do not use it, but I have installed it and navigated through it. I have also installed it on computers of our servants who are using it for scheduling. Excellent programs.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your kind words. It is nice that you can support the brothers in your hall that use it.

  3. Excellent programme.

    1. Very helpful program and very reliable tech support when you get stuck. Thanks again

      1. Author

        Always happy to help, if I can! And it is nice to interact with our global brotherhood!

  4. Thanks for all that you do!

  5. Since the survey is mainly to do with the operating system being used then its probably worth noting that likely over the next 12 – 24 months I will upgrade to new hardware that runs Windows 11- probably 64 bit.

    1. Author

      Thanks to you and everyone else who contributed to the survey, I feel it was a worthwhile effort!

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