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    This is fairly straightforward once you know what to do. First, click on this symbol on the toolbar:

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    Next, select the correct language from the drop-down list. Usually you will either need:

    • Generic Highlighting
    • CSS
    • HTML
    • XML (use this for XSL too)

    Set the mode. You can leave it as Block-Code for most cases. The other option is for when you want the text inline in a sentence. Now paste your code into the Edit window and click OK.

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    This will insert the code into the editor. If you click into this new code block you will see a Edit button:

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    This will allow you to indicate if you want to show line numbers etc. For example:

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    That is all there is to inserting a code block into a forum topic or reply. When you click Submit it will turn into a nice code block with colour syntax:

        <Theme>“The Passover​—Its Significance for Christians”</Theme>
        <Name Duplicate="1">Brother Happy</Name>
        <Time StartTime12="7:21" StartTime24="19:21" EndTime12="7:31" EndTime24="19:31" DurationShort="10 min.">10 min.</Time>

    One of the benefits of using code blocks is that we can Copy your text by hovering the mouse over the code and using the button at the top right:

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    Your brother


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