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    We’re looking for software to schedule meeting parts that also has an app that publishers can use to see the schedules on their mobile devices. Is that how Meeting Schedule Assistant software is designed?


    There are a couple of ways that publishers can see the schedules on their mobile devices.

    Print to PDF

    You can print the schedule as a PDF document and then issue this to your publishers. In turn, they can keep this document on their mobile devices for viewing.

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    In our congregation we have an email distribution list and the PDF file is sent to the brothers once a month. But there is a second way (that we also use) …

    Calendar Synchronisation

    The majority of congregations like to use the Calendar Synchronisation features within the software. You can configure it to upload your schedules to the following types of calendars:

    • Google
    • Outlook

    What you do is create a calendar and then grant members of the congregation permission to view the calendar. You do this by sending them an invitation. Once they have accepted the invitation they can view the calendar on any mobile device that supports Google / Outlook calendars.

    For example:

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    It is also possible to view these calendars on a web browser or bespoke calendar applications. Here are some scenarios I have used:

    1. Using an app on Windows 10 all called One Calendar.
    2. Using Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10.
    3. Using the Calendar application on the MacBook Pro.

    The primary benefits for using calendar synchronisation are:

    • You can make changes to the schedule and update the calendar. So the publishers will always have the latest information.
    • You can setup reminders for the calendar events.

    Have a look at the above help documentation link for more details.

    Your brother


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