Some brothers have requested to make donations for the expenses incurred to develop these applications.

If you want to make a donation, then you can:

  • Put a contribution into the World Wide Work at your Kingdom Hall. Or do so online.
  • Or make a personal donation with PayPal.

To make a donation, please click on the Donate button above to take you to the PayPal website.  Follow the instructions. Note, my PayPal email address is:

ajtruckle at

Replace ” at ” with an “@” sign
to get the real address.
(To discourage spamming, I am not using mailto: links.)

Rest assured that any donations you send me are gratefully accepted and will only be used for matters relating to maintaining these programs.

What kinds of costs are incurred with maintaining software?

This is a good question. Here is a list of the kind of things that require purchasing or renewing from time to time:

  • Public Talk Software domain (renewed annually).
  • Code Signing Certificate – used for signing the executables digitally (renewed every three years).
  • Chilkat Software libraries – used for Email and FTP features (renewed as required).
  • HelpNDoc Ultimate software – used for the CHM and HTML Help Documentation.