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Zoom is an application designed for video conferencing. It is supported on several major platforms:

  • iPad / iPhone (install ZOOM Cloud Meetings from the App Store)
  • Android (install ZOOM Cloud Meetings from the Google Play Store)
  • Windows / Mac (download Zoom Client for Meetings from https://zoom.us/download)

There are many resources available on the internet about using Zoom software on the various devices that it supports. For example the help topic Attendee Controls in a Meeting provides information for the following platforms:

  • Windows / Mac
  • Linux
  • Web
  • Andriod
  • iOS

The article covers such things as:

  • How to mute / unmute your microphone.
  • How to turn your camera on or off.
  • How to invite others to join your meeting.
  • How to see who is currently in the meeting (the participants).
  • How to share your screen (if permitted).
  • How to chat.
  • How to start or stop a local recording (if permitted).
  • How to leave the meeting.

Brief Overview

Here is a brief overview of using Zoom that I have written. It covers some of the frequently used features.