Workbook (S-140) — Compact 2021 — Version 1207 DownloadsThis ZIP archive includes an updated Compact Schedule Workbook. Keep in mind that this schedule is designed to display 5 weeks at the most. This version of the schedule addresses some issues that were brought to my attention and supports the newContinue Reading

Custom–Student Report82 DownloadsThis custom script has been made available for you to use. Here is an example of what to expect: (Click to enlarge) Updating Translations The script has been provided in: English Italian You will be required to make a minor adjustment to the translations if you want toContinue Reading

Custom Report of Appointed Assignments77 DownloadsThis is custom report of appointed assignments. First table shows the brothers assigned each week for each assignment. Second table shows brothers assigned for each week. This custom report is useful for last minute substitutions: you can see quickly which brothers are free and theirContinue Reading

Weekend Only Report with Hospitality72 DownloadsCustomised scripts can be easily imported into the Midweek Editor. Just remember to unzip the download first. Download Now!Size: 3KBVersion: v1.0Published: 25/02/2019Continue Reading