Including the Weekend Meeting on your Outlook Calendar

Beginning with Meeting Schedule Assistant version 17.2.7 you can synchronize with your Outlook Calendar. Click on the setting Create Weekend Meeting calendar events for this feature to be activated:

Outlook Calendar Options


It should be pointed out that the software application Public Talks has a richer set of features available for calendar synchronization. However, Meeting Schedule Assistant is now in many more languages than Public Talks. Thus, this feature has been implemented for those who would like to use it.

For each week on the Midweek Editor you click Weekend Meeting on the File menu:

Weekend Meeting Information

Fill in all the required details for the meeting and click OK to save the details to the schedule. The new events will be present on your Outlook calendar once you have done a synchronization:

Sample Outlook Calendar

There will only be one event for the Weekend Meeting, with both home and away talks listed. If you need separate calendar events then you must use the Public Talks application. Here is some sample wording for the calendar event:

The event will display the following information if it is supplied:

  • Chairman
  • Speaker + Theme + Congregation
  • Interpreter for Speaker
  • Hospitality for Speaker
  • Away Speakers + Congregation
  • Miscellaneous field  
  • Watchtower Conductor + Reader + Theme
  • Circuit Overseer Service Talk

It is hoped that this new feature will be of use to some of you. In time it will also be implemented for the Google Calendar feature too.

Synchronize with Outlook 365 / Calendar

Synchronize with Outlook 365 / Calendar

Meeting Schedule Assistant has always had the ability to send your assignments to a Google Calendar.

I am pleased to announce that the next version (17.2.7) will additionally support sending your assignments to a Outlook Calendar:

Outlook Calendar Options

It works in a similar way. You:

  • Sign in (connect to your Outlook account and grant access to your calendar content).
  • Select the calendar you want to synchronize with.
  • Set all other options as needed.


Here is an example event in calendar:

Outlook Calendar Event

Please Note

This feature is still under development. MWB (Midweek Editor) support has been implemented and I am now working on SRR (Sound Rota Editor) support. Feel free to add a comment if you are interested in trying out this new feature.