Synchronize with Outlook 365 / Calendar

Synchronize with Outlook 365 / Calendar

Meeting Schedule Assistant has always had the ability to send your assignments to a Google Calendar.

I am pleased to announce that the next version (17.2.7) will additionally support sending your assignments to a Outlook Calendar:

Outlook Calendar Options

It works in a similar way. You:

  • Sign in (connect to your Outlook account and grant access to your calendar content).
  • Select the calendar you want to synchronize with.
  • Set all other options as needed.


Here is an example event in calendar:

Outlook Calendar Event

Please Note

This feature is still under development. MWB (Midweek Editor) support has been implemented and I am now working on SRR (Sound Rota Editor) support. Feel free to add a comment if you are interested in trying out this new feature.